• investigate the extortion racket of the Porters' Guild
  • Orc invasion
  • Tower of Waiting (top levels empty, but signs of recent occupation, find links to Bleak Disciples and Raven Roost--Or top levels full of dead Bleak Disciples because the gas was released and killed them)
  • Waterfall cave (hidden cave)
  • Graveyard
  • Catacombs
  • Bleak Disciples' infiltration


Tavern AmbianceEdit

  • Murgeddin and Teldorthan are once again in the tavern and they recognize the adventurers enter. The two dwarves announce their arriva, buy them a round of drinks, and invite for a sit. Then ask about the past few weeks.
    • Need to have words prepared from the priest Ressilmae, wizard Nimozaran, and Lord Markelhay concerning the happenings in the Keep.
  • If the party speaks of Gardmore Abbey, Murgeddin hears and pipes up about what he suspects
  • Regarding cave-in, should return with some horses perhaps, to help clear the rubble.
  • mentions tales of the Northern Wilds. "Only heroic adventurers would dare brave the Northern Wilds. Sure, tales abound of fabled treasure and hidden mysteries, but far more common are the tales of tragic loss and death. But if death is what you seek, then travel north to the remote town of Nenlast. That outpost marks the end of the civilized lands."
  • Vendar slew the dragon whose lair was hidden in the caverns beneath the falls
  • Random Carousing Table:


  • Return shipment and receive 1000gp

General Rumor TableEdit

  1. Lannar, the stablemaster hears about the Northern Wilds from time to time
  2. A pair of ladies claimed that they have seen shadowy figures sneaking around the old Tower of Waiting in the Nentir River. "I know that kids sneak around there sometimes, but, but I'm not so sure these were kids."
  3. The proprietor of the Nentir Inn said, "I wish the Lord Warden would do something about that crumbling tower. It's such an eyesore and it's right here next to the main entrance to the city. One of these days it will collapse on someone's kids, rebellious though they are."
  4. Porters' Guild extortion
  5. Bandits on the road to Hammerfast
  6. Murgeddin, the old dwarf sergeant fought in the Bloodspear war and saw old Lord Markelhay flee into the catacombs under the Gardmore Abbey. "We never saw him again." He suspects that the ancestral sword of the Markelhays may yet lie somewhere below the abbey.
  7. The recent opening of the Nentir Inn put a big dent in the Silver Unicorn's business, and the owner, a stern halfling matriarch named Wisara Osterman, strongly disapproves. She's certain that there is something shifty about Erandil Zemoar, but can't put her finger on it.

Blue Moon AlehouseEdit

Neumar's ImportsEdit